Pre Wedding Shoots

Whats It All About...

All Wedding Packages booked with me include a pre-wedding shoot, often I am asked but why? I don't really want one, can I get a discount? You don't have to have one, but ultimately the pre-wedding shoot is not about the photographs- thats just a bonus- it’s me getting to know you...

More About Pre Wedding shoots

I learn what makes you laugh, we find something to reminisce about on the wedding day, we walk around the venue and plan how the day will run. What locations will we use? What time will the group shots start? How long before dinner starts? These little details are CRITICAL for the day to run as perfectly as you can imagine. We will then take a little walk and shoot some images, very relaxed and informal. I will guide you all the way and then by the time your big day arrives you are already going to know exactly what you are doing and the Photographs then seem to be the easy bit! Children and animals encouraged! This usually happens a month before your big day.

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